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Audio Messages
Sermon Series
               Caring About God

                        Caring About God's Children

                                 Caring About God's Calling

                                            Caring About God's Creation

Messages are presented that are
understandable and inviting to grow in knowledge  of the bible.  Through explanation, analogies, and visual aides at times,  they reach out to better equip us all with biblical writings, along with stories and facts that will help you to live a
wonderful Joyous life in the Lord.

Come, enjoy a wonderful time at New Hope Missionary Church where we  are awaiting
you with open arms and
open hearts. 

We at New Hope have been led to set our Worship Services
to Sunday mornings at 11 am. 

"Our God deserves to be worshipped every day!  Come join us, won't you."
We will be updating our Events in the near future.

Be sure to check back with us.

Thank you

New Hope Missionary Church of Lapeer MI.