wonderful group for anyone 50 or over.  Excitement leads the way with these Go-Getters as they are always finding fun and adventurous things to do.  This great group of people meet one Thursday per month at 12:30 pm for various activities such as: dinner, concerts, boat rides, trips to Frankenmuth, etc.  They are usually never at a lack for finding something fun to do while interacting with other Christian men and women over 50 and serving the Lord.

Our Youth group consists of Middle School age to High School age and is always combining activities and fun all year round. 
Monica Shires is leader for the Middle school group and Pastor Sims is leader for the High School group.  Participation of fund raisers, concerts, and field activities always keeps our youth having fun and serving God.  What a great combination for today's youth.
Even though there are always activities, the seasoning of the Word through our leaders is an important ingredient that makes our youth today realize their value to themselves and what they have to offer to the World and to God.

Tami Travis heads off our Young Adults group.  This is a very crucial age where becoming an Adult is so confusing thru the world's eyes, but not God's.  Thru Tami's guidance, they are given techniques, scriptures, and ways of learning to balance what they need to do in this world according to scriptures and learning as well that living a Christian life as a young adult lays groundwork and prepares them for their future families in living a Christian life.

Our Adult classes are led by Paul Jones, who is a wonderful Christian and is married to our worship leader, Diane.  In teaching lessons thru scriptures, Paul makes it seem so understandable and easy to grasp what he is teaching.  Paul has learned first hand what the true meaning of "Serving God" really takes and the ultimate joy that one feels when they give their all to the Lord.  Paul will lead you into a wonderful class built on the foundation of the Bible and learning to apply this foundation to everyday living today
1Drama Ministry

At New Hope, we have an extra special ministry that we call our "Drama " Ministry.  In using theatrical talents, we can re inact plays, stories, and even movies into an actual "drama" play for our congregation.  Sometime's we are even in full character garments and all.
Walt Mabee leads this group into the great storytelling thru acting.  You will be in for a wonderful surprise and great fun when you see how this group can really perform.
1Kidz Club

We offer a wonderful opportunity for our Kids and we call it the "Kidz Club".  While we keep it fun for the kids with activities, quiz meets, and many other interesting things for them, they are learning values that can be so important for children in times such as the world in living in today.  We have a wonderful Christian couple that leads this group into fun, activities and learning the Bible.  Dennis and Jennifer Burkett are wonderful leaders in this class.
e are an evangelical denomination committed to the Great Commission.  We believe in evangelism, discipleship, church multiplication and world missions.  we are committed to reaching people in our community of Lapeer Michigan with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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